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Hydrafacial vs. Jetpeel: Which Skin Treatment is for You?

Has your skin looked a little dull lately, lacking its usual brightness and luster? Maybe you’re starting to get the dreaded “mask-ne” or some new ...
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The Sweet Spot is so excited to bring you our latest one-of-a-kind facial. In fact, we’re the only studio offering this service in Seattle!The JetPeel ...
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Sugaring vs Waxing

If you are dealing with unwanted hair and you’d rather avoid the perils of using a razor, you have a few options available to get ...
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How Often Should You Sugar or Wax?

Wondering how often you should sugar or wax?  Most people think the answer depends on how often you hit the beach. And while we’re absolutely ...
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How to Treat Ingrown Hairs with Sugaring

How to Treat Ingrown Hair Ugh, ingrown hairs. Although many of us have experienced them, they’re never fun. They tend to show up as a ...
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T-Zone Skin Care Tips for Trouble Areas

Our Seattle Team Offers High Quality Skin Treatments for Your T-Zone At The Sweet Spot, our experienced skin care team believes that enhancing your outside ...
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